Library to create QRcodes that include SEPA-Credit-Transfer information like Beneficiary Account(IBAN) and BIC

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Got A Code - how to use it?

If you have on of these apps...

  • Sparkasse
  • Sparkasse+
  • VR Bankink App
  • BW Bank
  • ... more to come?

simply start a new SEPA transfer and select "Scan Code!"

Code generator

See the Pen MaQxNW (@kralo) on CodePen.

For Payers

A sepaQR - Code makes it easy to transfer the details for a SEPA transfer without typing - simply scan and go! No need to type in IBANs, BICs, everything is done for you. SepaQR is built on the standard EPC069-12, V2.0 2 July 2015 of the European Payments Council.

For Payees

Generate Codes that you embed in emails, invoices, ... to help your customers pay more easily. They have fun - you get your money!

Sample Usage in html page

<div id="qrcode"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">

var sepaqr = new sepaQR({
   benefName: 'Franz Mustermänn',
   benefAccNr: 'DE71110220330123456789',
   amountEuro: 12.34,
   purpose: 'GDDS',
   creditorRef: 'RF18539007547034'

 var code = sepaqr.makeCodeInto("qrcode");


or with the full list of options

  var sepaqr = new sepaQR({
    benefName: 'Purjehdusseura Bitti ja Paatti Segelsallskapet Bit och Bat juhlat os.1',
    benefBIC: 'NDEAFIHH',
    benefAccNr: 'FI7331313001000058',
    amountEuro: 1234.99,
    purpose: 'BEXP',
    creditorRef: '',
    remittanceInf: '140charactersoffreetext140charactersoffreetext140charactersoffreetext140charactersoffreetext140charactersoffreetext140charactersoffreetext14',
    information: 'ReqdExctnDt/2014-01-02 pushing to the last very Z limitä'


Examples can be found in the demo.html

Why the url beneath?

Users will likely not know what to do with the code on first sight. Therefor we have an explanatory section on this page that tells them to open/scan the code with their favourite bankin app.
NB: code-creators who don't want this could remove the code whilst subject to the license.


MIT License